Site Navigation

The navigation bar contains links to your Flavors Site, the "Design Panel", where you can edit and add content to your site, the Flavors Community pages, your "Account Settings" and a logout button.

Clicking on the Site option will bring you back to your own page and allow you to access the "Design Panel" if it is already open.

To hide the navigation bar, click on the arrow icon on the left side of the bar. This will collapse the bar. To expand it again, click again on the arrow icon.


Clicking on the "Design" option in the navigation bar will open up the "Design Panel" on your site, where you can add and edit content and your site’s design. To bring it back to the navigation bar, click on the minus (-) symbol in the upper-right corner of the design panel.  Please note you will only see the "Design Panel" if you are logged in to your account.


The Account menu contains links for your Settings and site Statistics.

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