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If you have a premium Flavors account and want to purchase a domain name elsewhere or use a domain name you already own, follow these directions (skipping #1 if you already own the domain):

  1. Purchase the domain name from a registrar such as Me-Net, or iWantMyName. This can be done for about $10 per year.

  2. Log in to your domain registrar and find the section that allows you to edit and/or create A Records. This is often done from a settings panel with a name such as “Edit DNS” or “Zone File Control.”

  3. Create an A Record that points your domain to the IP address: Enter "@" in the column labeled Host. If your registrar does not allow you to enter "@" create two A record entries, one for your domain name in the Host column (i.e. and another for "www." in the host column.

  4. Enter the domain name on your Settings page and click the "Save changes" button. It will then take up to 72 hours for the change to fully take place.

Note: You do not need to change your domain's nameservers, only the A record. You also do not need to purchase any hosting services for the domain. If you have content in a subdirectory (i.e., that content will not be accessible after pointing the domain to Flavors. We recommend that in that case you use a subdomain for Flavors instead (i.e.

If you are still having issues after following these instructions, contact your registrar's customer service for specific instructions.

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