No longer supported services on Flavors - Posterous, Digg and Netflix


As you may remember, a little while ago we promised you we’d make Flavors work better, faster and more efficiently.


Quite often, to bring in improvements, you have to first clear out the things that aren’t working. That’s why we’re saying goodbye to some of the Flavors services you currently have on your page, as they’re just not working anymore.


So which of the brave soldiers you once knew are no longer with us?

We now recommend you remove these from your Flavors page as they will no longer function correctly.


If you want to discuss the removal of these services and how to move forward with your page (or anything else at all), please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


The Flavors & MOO Crew

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    The support and help buttons do noy work.  Internet explore says it could be a bad site

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    Paul W

    @reddog-  I am sorry about this, it is something that we are aware of and are working on getting fixed shortly.  We would hope to have this resolved by the end of the day.

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